Nigeria Internet Governance Forum

To provide a sustainable National forum and structure that engages industry, government, law maker, academia, civil society and all domestic stakeholders in the strategic national debate on Internet Governance issues.


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About Us

Consolidation of Nigeria Position on the Global Internet Governance Forum

About Nigeria Internet Governance Forum (NIGF) .

The Nigeria Internet Governance Forum (NIGF) is a renewed collaborative effort of internet stakeholders in the country to help provide a coordinated mechanism for domestic multi-stakeholders participations in the regional and global internet governance, and to help facilitate partnerships, coalitions and dialogues that redefine Nigeria position at regional and global IGF meetings.

Why NIGF ? .

The future of the World is being redefined through internet; nations are taking strategic positions, while various meetings, discussions and forum have been taking place globally and regionally, including gatherings in East Africa countries and West Africa, where Nigeria position lacked formal ties to the global IGF. Country such as Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, south Africa and host of others have built formal national structure to coordinate their positions. These meetings are strategic to United Nation's IGF Secretariat which recognizes the importance of the regional and national events and reports from these meetings are shared at the international gatherings to formulate global policy that will shape the future engagement and interactions in cyberspace. Nigeria is yet to have formal national IGF structure to drive and coordinate her position. Although efforts are made in the past through individual organizations of the government and private sector, the then Ministry of Information and Communication attempted to provide mechanism to coordinate government position on internet issues but it failed to yield the desired outcome with the absence of multi-stakeholder driven mechanism. The NIGF is therefore expected to provide a motivating mechanism for annual gathering of domestic stakeholders driven through multi-stakeholders partnership framework. This time Federal Ministry of Communication Technology, National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), Nigerian Communications Commission(NCC), Nigeria Internet Registration Association and Global Network for Cybersolution – a Non Governmental Organization have expressed common national interests and commitment to make NIGF a sustainable preparatory local platform toward Annual Global Internet Governance Forum.

Register for NIGF 2020 .

Register to help advance Internet Governance issues in Nigeria through a multi-stakeholder framework as well as facilitating partnerships and coalitions that deliver coordinated domestic response, initiatives, and synergy that best promote and protect the nation’s position on the internet ecosystem.

Multi-stakeholder’s Advisory Group .

The activities of NIGF are coordinated through the effort of Local Multi-stakeholder’s Advisory Group (LMAG) which comprises of the following representatives from public and private sectors.