The NIGF provides a sustainable National Forum and structure that engages industry, government, lawmaker, the academia, civil society and all Stakeholders in a strategic national debate on internet governance.


The Nigeria Internet Governance Forum (NIGF) is a renewed collaborative effort of internet stakeholders in the country to help provide a coordinated mechanism for domestic multi-stakeholders participations in the regional and global internet governance, and to help facilitate partnerships, coalitions and dialogues that redefine Nigeria position at regional and global IGF meetings.


The Nigerian Internet Governance Forum (NIGF) is Nigeria’s foremost multi-stakeholder forum on internet and digital policy issues. We serve as an interface to bring all players involved in the Nigerian Internet Ecosystem together to discuss public policy issues related to key elements of Internet governance in order to foster the sustainability, robustness, security, stability and development of the Internet in Nigeria.

2022 NIGF

Register for the NIGF 2023

Registration for the 12th Nigeria Internet Governance Forum is now ongoing

Join Major Stakeholders to discuss some of today’s most pressing Internet Governance and Digital Policy Issues at the: NIGF 2023 with the THEME: Towards a Secure and Inclusive Digital Future for Nigeria: Balancing Regulation, Cybersecurity, and Emerging Technologies on the 13th -14th of September, 2023 by 10:00 AM WAT. This year’s forum will take advantage of the multi-stakeholder nature of the Forum to harness and aggregate productive ideas towards facilitating a more effective approach to fostering Digital Transformation and Trust for the benefit of Nigeria. 

The outcome is expected to build consensus among stakeholders on actionable recommendations for both state and non-state actors in the Internet ecosystem. This forum will also advance the nation’s position at the regional and global Internet Governance Forum (IGF).

The NIGF Multistakeholder- Advisory Group

The activities of NIGF are coordinated through the effort of Local Multi-stakeholder’s Advisory Group (LMAG) which comprises of the following representatives from public and private sectors.

Mr. Adesola Akinsanya

Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA)

Martha Alade

Women in Technology in Nigeria

Folasade Dada

Meta Platforms, Inc.

Mrs. Mary Uduma

West Africa Internet Governance Forum